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BStrong4Life® ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia BeachChiroSolutions Center is a BStrong4Life® Center,
offering the proprietary, clinically
supervised system.

This cutting-edge system is non-invasive and combines concentric, isometric and eccentric exercises to provide balance, strength, bone health and fall prevention solutions. The program is designed to improve balance, increase bone-mineral density, increase muscular strength and improve your overall quality of life.

BStrong4Life® Balance ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia BeachBStrong4Life® Benefits

Improved quality of life

Increased strength

Better balance

Stronger bones

Rehabilitation from surgery and injuries

Reduced chronic back pain

Improved posture

Improve your golf game

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What Happens in the BStrong4Life® program?

The BStrong4Life® program begins with warm-up exercises on the Power Plate to get you ready for the BioDensity machine movements. The Power Plate is a platform that vibrates 40 times per second in three different planes causing every muscle fiber to activate. The warm up consists of four exercises you will hold for just 30 seconds each.BStrong4Life® ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia Beach Machines

ChiroSolutions Center BStrong4Life® Physical Training and Corrective Care:

After your warm up you progress to the movements on the BioDensity machine. These movements consist of your own maximal contraction in four different movements. This gives your muscles the time they need to recover; however you can still carry on with your normal activity level throughout the week.

The last component in the BStrong4Life program is the ReAct machine. The ReAct machine is used for eccentric muscle training. An example of an eccentric movement is walking down a flight of stairs. This movement is beneficial to prevent falls.

BStrong4Life® ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia Beach Machines

To get started on your BStrong4Life® program, you will begin with a consultation with Dr. Coleman to make sure this is the appropriate non-impact, time efficient program for you.

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Find out how you can benefit from BStrong4Life®

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This is a component of Healthways, and therefore, Healthways members are charged no additional fee to complete BStrong4Life®. It is advised, however, to always check with your health plan advisor to make sure you have coverage.

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