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Is Your Cell Phone Usage Causing Neck and Back Pain?

by Dr. Samantha Coleman D.C.  – Owner/Chiropractic Physician

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The human body wasn’t designed to constantly look down, nor was it designed to stretch forward towards some screen. This position that we are spending more and more time in stretches the tiny nerves in the neck and upper back. This is what happens when we spend so much time on our cell phones.




Cell Phone Neck and Back Pain

Is Your Cell Phone Usage Causing
Pain in Your Neck and Back?

Over the past decade, millions of people are increasingly reporting tingling and numbness, an increase in headaches, depression and anxiety. Complaints have also included insomnia, year round allergies, acid reflux and digestive problems, or high blood pressure.

Many people chose to ignore these symptoms or mask them with drugs. Others have taken a more natural path to correct the structure of their spine, which addresses the root cause of the problem. A natural treatment approach, uses your body’s ability to heal on its own without surgeries and drugs.

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Here is a report by ABC News’ Good Morning America that discusses this topic further as it relates to your mental health.

Could Cell Phone Usage Be Affecting Your Mental Health?

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