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Healthways SilverSneakers® at ChiroSolutions Center Chiropractic Town Center Virginia Beach

SilverSneakers® is the nation’s foremost exercise program for active older adults that focuses on fitness, fun and friends!

What does this mean for you?

• Work out where, when and how you want with SilverSneakers®!
• Lose weight. Increase your energy. Improve your overall well-being.

Join the movement. All of this is possible with SilverSneakers®.


ChiroSolutions Center is an age 65+ approved Healthways exercise center. You can get the benefits of working out with people your own age at a center conveniently located in Town Center Virginia Beach. ChiroSolutions Center in Towne Center Virginia Beach is an approved SilverSneakers® center and our team can monitor your workouts and progress.

Healthways SilverSneakers® image ChiroSolutions Center Chiropractic Town Center Virginia Beach
With SilverSneakers®, you get a lot of options
to get fit when it’s convenient for you

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With SilverSneakers® at ChiroSolutions Center, you get the support you need to stay healthy. You become part of a community that connects you with friends, family and new connections made with other like-minded active older adults. Many social interactions can happen during your participation in SilverSneakers®, and also when you take advantage of the bigger online community. This virtual community gives you a place to connect and make friends.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a wiz on the computer because SilverSneakers® provides links for you to follow and access:

  • Articles: For example, “3 rules to get fit after 50” and “Why using a fitness club is more important than you think”
  • Newsletters: Sign up for the SilverSneakers® newsletter.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of the great information on the SilverSneakers®’ Facebook page.

Click here to access this information.

With this innovative program you can:

    • Participate in the BStrong4Life® program, a cutting-edge system that is non-invasive and combines concentric, isometric and eccentric exercises to provide balance, strength, bone health and improvements in overall quality of life.
    • Receive a discount for one-on-one personal training using the Power Plate. The Power Plate causes your muscle fibers of every single muscle to activate, exceeding the amount of muscle tissue utilized in regular training.
  • Have guidance and assistance from a Program Advisor™.

Call ChiroSolutions Center today and
find out more about SilverSneakers® (757) 271-0001

Are You Eligible for SilverSneakers®?

Did you know 1 out of 5 people age 65+ are already eligible for this fitness advantage? If you’re a part of a Medicare health plan or a group retiree, your SilverSneakers® membership may already be available to you as a benefit.

Click here to see if you’re eligible for SilverSneakers®.

As an insurance benefit, the Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness program is included in more than 65 Medicare health plans, often at no additional cost.

SilverSneakers®’ VideoHealthways SilverSneakers® video ChiroSolutions Center Chiropractic Town Center Virginia Beach

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The SilverSneakers®’ website


on the SilverSneakers®’ YouTube channel

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ChiroSolutions Center provides the best chiropractic care to the people of Town Center Virginia Beach and the surrounding cities in Hampton Roads Virginia. We work with people of all ages and careers and with a variety of treatment options and goals.

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