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ChiroSolutions Center is proud to announce that we have created a series

of training videos and resources to help you grow your practice.

Introducing How to Build & Grow a Health Coaching Practice with Intention

By ChiroSolutions Center and Amber M. Carver MA, LPC

You will learn how to:

  • Increase Patient Commitment
  • Increase Plan Pre-Pays
  • Increase Office Congruency
  • Increase Confidence within Your Health Coach and Team
  • Increase Community Impact

Your investment includes lifetime access to a video training series that enables your health coach to successfully navigate the entire life-cycle of a client. The series includes training from an intentional first call to lifestyle transformation and everything in between.

Watch our sneak peak video → → → → → → → →

Watch a Sneak Peak of our Videos

Steps to Purchase and Gain Access into the Health Coaching with Intention

Step #1:

  1. Click here to place your order for Health Coaching with Intention.
  2. Add to your Shopping Cart.
  3. Complete your contact information and check out.
  4. Return to Merchant.
  5. Print/Download the Office Certificate from the image.

Step #2:

  1. Once your registration and payment are processed, you will receive an email from Amber M. Carver MA, LPC. It will contain instructions and your password to gain access to Health Coaching with Intention page with the videos and resources.
  2. This gives you lifetime access to training videos that take your health coach from the initial client phone call clear to maintenance with a client and everything in between. It also includes future updates!


Questions? Contact Amber M. Carver MA, LPC.

Call: (757) 271-0001

Click here to email Amber