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The Smart Weigh Journal: An introduction to rethinking holiday meals

Last updated: December 1, 2023 | Author: Dr. Samantha Coleman

An introduction to rethinking holiday mealsWith changing seasons comes lots of exciting opportunities to spend time with family and friends for many people.

Holiday gatherings bring us together, but can also bring a few unwanted inches to our waistlines.

How do our clients stay focused on their goals when constantly surrounded by indulgent fall foods? Here are a few tips for success.

1. Spend time with people who advocate for you and your goals

Set yourself up for success and do your best to spend time with loved ones who understand and support your weight loss goals.

If Thanksgiving dinner with your unsupportive extended family sounds daunting, see if you can skip it this year in order to share your mealtime with people who want to see you succeed.

2. Come prepared

Traveling to see the inlaws for the big game this weekend? Offer to prep and bring phase 1 friendly snacks and meals to share!

Not only will you have delicious alternatives to those less healthy options, but you’ll also have a chance to share some of your new recipes and ideas with your support system (and maybe plant the seed for them to think about healthy lifestyle changes, too).

You may find that you have friends and family members who are interested in shifting to a healthier lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start.

Here’s your chance to role-model that for them! Check in soon for more posts about recipes for all your upcoming holiday gatherings!

3. Remember that your goals are bigger than any indulgent snack or meal

You’re here for a reason. You’re making a lifestyle change so that you can live your healthiest life long-term.

Saying no to things that don’t serve your goals is difficult, but staying stuck in the hamster wheel of constantly letting yourself down is much worse.

Put yourself first and revel in those good feelings of sticking to your plan, even when it’s hard.

You can even journal about how great you feel after overcoming these types of situations so that you can go back to those positive thoughts in moments when you aren’t feeling your best. You can do this!

4. Don’t graze

Stick to eating every 4-5 hours and plan your meal times according to your parties and gatherings.

For example, if your Superbowl party starts at 4, have your breakfast as you typically would, eat lunch at 12, enjoy a snack or your dinner between 4 and 5, and then have your remaining snack or meal at 8.

5. Reach out for support when you need it

Your coaches are here for you in every step along your journey – yes, even during the holidays!

ChiroSolutions Center know how hard it is to stay committed and focused this time of the year and we want to do everything we can to help you succeed.

Let us know by reaching out via phone call, email, or text if you need some additional tips or support.

Above all, remember that this season is for gathering with those we love.

We often use food as a vehicle to make that happen, but food doesn’t have to be the focal point at every event.

Break out the board games, photo albums, or your favorite traditional movies, set your sights on quality time, and reframe your thought processes surrounding these get-togethers.

Togetherness doesn’t have to come with unhealthy or excessive food choices!

Dr Samantha Coleman Chiropractor

She is the only Advanced Certified CBP Chiropractor in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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