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Hundreds of Virginia Beach residents suffer with shoulder pain on a daily basis. It is often the result of an injury or chronic condition which makes the shoulders painful and limit the range of motion.

Most pain and shoulder injuries are due to a traumatic injury, or repetitive tasks. Injuries sustained during sports, workouts, auto accidents, falls, work-related tasks, or lifting a heavy bag of groceries (or children) can lead to a lifetime of shoulder pain and discomfort.

With the recent surge in smart phones and laptops becoming a staple in our bedrooms, many Virginia Beach residents are laying on their sides while working on their devices – leading to more pain and shoulder injuries.

You Chiropractor for Shoulder Injury

Unfortunately it is ignored or masked my many Virginia Beach residents. Instead of getting to the root cause, most people prefer to pop a few pills, or avoid tasks that exacerbate the problem.

Chiropractor massage the female patient spine and back

Dr Samantha Coleman, lead chiropractor and owner of ChiroSolutions Center in Virginia Beach has treated hundreds of area residents address the source of pain through the use of chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercises that actually address the root cause of the problem.

If you or a loved one in the Virginia Beach area is suffering with pain, please contact ChiroSolutions Center and discuss your options with Dr Samantha Coleman.

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