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Nutritional guidance and nutritional supplements from ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia Beach

Dr. Samantha Coleman, D.C. and Amber Carver, M.A., provide nutritional guidance to our patients. An initial consultation will be held to assess your needs and may require additional diagnostic testing such as the Hair Mineral Analysis or Omega-3 Blood Test.

At ChiroSolutions Center, we provide a one-stop-shop for nutritional supplements through wellevate℠. You can find and follow your personalized vitamin & supplement recommendations quickly and easily from any device.

Getting started is quick & easy.

Ask ChiroSolutions Center to invite you to sign up. You setup your account, add your nutritional supplement recommendations to your cart and check out. It’s that fast to stay on track with your personalized plan. Every interaction is safe and secure.

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Nutritional Guidance And Supplements

Nutritional supplements from ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia BeachBenefits of Nutritional Supplements

With your body’s metabolism, the body breaks down food and absorbs nutrients. Taking a nutritional supplement to improve metabolism can help eliminate deficiencies that can lead to disorders of the skin and cause nerve damage, anemia and joint pain.

Daily, your tissue is stressed by your activities and your cells constantly have to work to rebuild tissue that is damaged or old. Old or damaged tissue, if not repaired, can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis. Nutritional supplements can help the cells rebuild your tissues and bones.

While there are a myriad of reasons people take supplements, below are a few to consider.

Nutritional Supplements can help cells:

  • Promote metabolism
  • Repair and maintain tissue
  • Prevent disease
  • Eliminate deficiencies that can lead to:
    • Disorders of the skin and cause nerve damage
    • Anemia
    • Joint pain

Click here for a direct link to wellevate℠.

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Nutritional Supplements are Good for All Ages

Man running Nutritional guidance and nutritional supplements from ChiroSolutions Center Town Center Virginia Beach

Did you know? Studies show that in order to get your daily dose of Omega-3 you would have to eat 11 ounces of salmon a day!

Many people think that seniors and young children are the only ones who need supplements, but people of all ages and those with the healthiest of diets can benefit.

Hair Mineral Analysis

To determine if you have mineral deficiencies and any heavy metal toxicity, ChiroSolutions Center recommends a hair mineral analysis. Information from the analysis can explain causes of some health symptoms and disease. Some of these can be caused by nutritional imbalances.

Why your hair? Because it is one of several places your body gets rid of minerals and heavy metals.

Omega-3 Blood Test

The Omega-3 Blood Test provides an index for the measurement of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA+DHA, in red blood cells. This relates to your risk for heart disease and is important for your joint and brain health.

Why is it important to measure your Omega-3 Index?

If you have low levels of omega-3 in your blood, you are at an increased risk for depression, a fatal heart attack and maybe dementia. The good news is that your level of Omega-3 can be increased with some easy dietary changes.

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