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Neck Pain Relief and Treatment

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neck-pain-treatmentNeck pain is something that thousands of Virginia Beach residents know about all too well. Whether it’s due to our constant addiction to our cellphones, poor postural habits, long commutes, bad pillows, or trauma / injury – it can start affecting your quality of life.

The source can be one of two things – strained or pulled muscles and/or ligaments, as well as misalignment in the cervical vertebrae (misaligned spine in the neck).

Depending on which vertebrae are misaligned, symptoms of neck pain can lead to other health issues. Affected, pinched, or pulled nerves in the neck can cause migraine headaches, tingling or numbness on areas of the face, poor vision, thyroid issues, fatigue, or even declining immunity.

Relief and Treatment

Unfortunately, most Virginia Beach neck pain sufferers either ignore their symptoms or get the wrong type of treatment. Don’t get me wrong, physical therapy and massage do wonders for pulled or strained muscles in the neck, but only a chiropractor specializing in corrective chiropractic care can put an end to pain and its related symptoms or diseases.

Chiropractors call it “forward-head” posture, where the head shifts forward – a direct result of our cell phones, laptops, driving habits, and pillows. As a result, the delicate nerves in the neck get pulled, and exerted pressure on, leading to not just neck pain and discomfort, but a wide range of other health issues discussed above.

Dr Samantha Coleman, lead chiropractor and owner of ChiroSolutions Center in Virginia Beach has helped thousands of area residents find and eliminate the source of pain through the use of a chiropractic technique called Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP.

If you or a loved one in the Virginia Beach area is suffering pain, please contact ChiroSolutions Center and discuss your options with Dr Samantha Coleman.

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We have helped our patients with:

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• Scoliosis

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• Allergies

• High Blood Pressure

• Acid Reflux / GERD

• Asthma

• Plantar Fasciitis

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• Disc Herniation

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