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Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

Last updated: December 13, 2023 | Author: Dr. Samantha Coleman


In the U.S., a high number of sports injuries occur each year that affect people of all age groups and encompass all kinds of sports activities.

As reported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 9 million sports injuries happen every year.

These include various injuries such as shin splints, groin pulls, ankle sprains, knee/head injuries, and tennis elbow.

While it’s true that some injuries we simply can’t avoid, others could be easily prevented by the right care.

Today, we will talk about how chiropractic care can help with preventing future sports injuries and managing current health issues secondary to a previous injury.

Preventing Future Sports Injuries: Is It Possible?

You can prevent numerous sports injuries by taking the right preventative measures.

This is because very often an already existing underlying health issue triggers the injury itself.

If you are wondering what underlying issues could ultimately lead to an injury if not treated in time, take a look at the following list:

  • Misalignment: In most cases spine misalignment, but other joints can be affected as well.
  • Stiffness of the joints and muscles: This can lead to limited mobility and extra strain on the surrounding tissues.
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor movement patterns
  • Muscle imbalances: When one muscle group dominates over others it can affect the body’s biomechanics.
  • Poor overall health: Clearly, poor health can limit tissue quality and the body’s healing potential.

When it comes to injury prevention, having someone who can identify and address the root problems that could initiate an injury later is crucial.

Although any medical professional can help to some degree, the best is to find a healthcare provider like a chiropractor that understands how full-body balance can contribute to optimal body function.


This way, all the above-mentioned health issues would be addressed long before they could trigger an injury.

Plus, it can also help maximize your ability to take part in your favorite sports activities.

Virginia Beach chiropractor often use adjustments, exercise programs, posture training, and education as part of injury prevention.

Managing Current Sports Injuries

If you have already gotten injured, don’t worry. Chances are that chiropractic care can be beneficial for you regarding your current sports injury as well.

When seeing a chiropractor for managing an injury, their focus will be on increasing the healing ability of the injured tissues.

To achieve this they may use various pain management techniques, restore the body’s optimal balance, and apply adjustments to the spine to promote better nerve integrity.

Chiropractic care can not only help you recover from your injury but also provide other long-term benefits such as the lower risk of recurrence and preventing the development of chronic symptoms.

Get the Right Care

Whether you have already sustained a sports injury or you want to enjoy the benefits of preventative care, chiropractors may provide you great results.

If possible, find a chiropractor certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), as they are the best neuromusculoskeletal specialists and can help you stay in your game of choice.

CBP-certified chiropractors have great knowledge on how to holistically address sports-related injuries and many health issues that may lead to injuries in the future.

If you live in Virginia Beach, VA, or in the nearby area, Dr. Samantha Coleman at ChiroSolutions Center is certified in CBP and she is ready to help you prevent future injuries or recover from a current sports injury.

Don’t hesitate to give their office a call and ask about your possibilities.

Dr Samantha Coleman Chiropractor

She is the only Advanced Certified CBP Chiropractor in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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