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Holistically Reducing Your Fall Risk

Last updated: December 13, 2023 | Author: Dr. Samantha Coleman

Illustration of stick figure falling downWith each decade of life past 50 years of age, the risk of sustaining a fall gradually increases.

This is a major concern in the aging population since as many as 25% of adults over 65 have a fall each and every year.

Luckily, only 20% of those that fall end up being hospitalized with a serious injury, such as a head injury or hip fracture.

However, having just one fall significantly increases the risk of falls in the future.

Ultimately, annual falls result in a decreased quality of life and put a significant burden on individual and systemic healthcare costs.

What Risk Factors are Associated with Falling?

A growing body of research demonstrates that there are specific factors that can increase your risk of falling.

When two or more of the following factors are present at once, the risk goes up exponentially.

These include:

  • Impaired walking (gait mechanics)
  • Poor balance in standing or sitting
  • Fear and anxiety of falling
  • An inactive sedentary lifestyle
  • Chronic health issues
  • Poor overall health
  • Impaired vision
  • Muscle weakness and low endurance
  • Low blood pressure- causing dizziness with sudden changes in position
  • Side effects from medication use including dizziness and grogginess

Reducing Your Fall Risk

Living in fear of suffering a fall makes life more difficult than it needs to be.

Thankfully, now that you are aware of the factors involved you can start making changes to boost your overall health.

Some of the options for decreasing your fall risk include:

  • Talking to your doctor or another trusted healthcare professional about your health concerns
  • Implementing a regular exercise program that should include-
  • Core strengthening
  • Leg strengthening
  • Balance training (in a safe environment)
  • Cardiovascular exercise to promote overall health
  • Discuss any side effects you are experiencing with your pharmacist or doctor for possible modification
  • Have your vision checked at least every two years to ensure no issues
  • Have your home assessed for fall hazards by a physical therapist or recreational therapist
  • Address your overall health with holistic treatment, such as chiropractic care

How Spine Alignment Affects Your Balance

If you’re trying to change some of your lifestyle habits to improve your health, you may be having trouble knowing where to start.

If you are experiencing any pain, stiffness, or other issues with your health your motivation may be low to make changes even though you know they’d be beneficial.

How Spine Alignment Affects Your Balance

This is where addressing some of the underlying issues affecting your health can help boost your energy levels and get you feeling ready to take control of your health.

Spine misalignment is a common root issue that can lead to poor movement mechanics, general fatigue, pain, stiffness, and other imbalances secondary to poor nerve flow.

When spine alignment is restored, nerve flow improves and can help boost your body’s own natural functions for thriving.

Chiropractic BioPhysics Can Boost Your Overall Health

The authorities in treating spine alignment are chiropractors certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

This non-invasive research-oriented approach focuses on systematically restoring balance to the spine and body so that it can function at its best.

Chiropractic BioPhysics Can Boost Your Overall Health

Once these underlying issues are addressed, you can maximize your efforts for addressing balance, strength, and other fall risk factors.

Dr. Samantha Coleman at ChiroSolutions Center in Virginia Beach, VA is ready to help you address your health concerns as they relate to falling.

She is also CBP certified. Get in touch with her office today to see how regular checkups can help optimize your health and keep you living a life free of injury and falls.

Dr Samantha Coleman Chiropractor

She is the only Advanced Certified CBP Chiropractor in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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