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How to Relieve Neck Pain with Chiropractic Care

Last updated: December 13, 2023 | Author: Dr. Samantha Coleman

How to Relieve Neck Pain with Chiropractic Care

Neck pain is a fairly common complaint amongst people of all walks of life.

It can occur for many reasons, such as sleeping in a bad position or chronically leaning over paperwork for long hours at work.

While most of the time the pain goes away on its own after a day or two, in some cases, it can be worse than that.

If you have recurring episodes of neck pain or severe symptoms, it can even affect your quality of life.

Therefore, you may need professional help to relieve your neck pain.

Keep reading, and you will discover what most common causes of neck pain are, and what you can do to reduce the pain.

The Most Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you have experienced neck pain before, most likely it happened because of some kind of asymmetries or mechanical issues in the cervical spine.

For example, you can have neck pain for the following reasons:

  • Muscle strains: If you are sitting or standing for too long with bad posture, or you are sleeping with your neck in a bad position, these activities can easily lead to muscle strains or even spine misalignment.
  • Worn joints/spine degeneration: Due to aging or chronic neck misalignment your spine can degenerate.
  • Injuries: Injuries can lead to neck pain secondary to spine issues (for example, spine misalignment) that these injuries may cause. For example, a car accident, a fall, or jerking the neck when exercising are amongst the common causes of neck pain.
  • Diseases: You can have neck pain secondary to diseases like meningitis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Heart attack: Neck pain can be one of the symptoms of a heart attack.

In case your symptoms are severe or you also have other symptoms present, make sure to look for professional medical help.

Relieve Neck Pain with Chiropractic Care

As most of the causes of neck pain are related to spine misalignment, it’s important to treat this underlying health issue first. Considering that subtle changes in your spine are difficult to spot, you should consult a chiropractor.

Relieve Neck Pain With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) certified professionals are the best when it comes to addressing spine issues because of their expert knowledge in science based spine treatment.

Once your spine alignment is restored by a chiropractor, you will feel significantly better and more energized due to the better nerve energy flow. After that, you may also receive other treatments to accelerate the process of recovery and prevent future problems.

Find a Qualified Chiropractor

If you would like to reduce your neck pain with long-lasting results, the best way to do that is with the help of a CBP practitioner.

Dr. Samantha Coleman at ChiroSolutions Center in Virginia Beach, VA is a true expert in the field of pain relief. Make a call today and discuss your options on how she can help you relieve your neck pain.

Dr Samantha Coleman Chiropractor

She is the only Advanced Certified CBP Chiropractor in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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