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The Smart Weigh Journal: Most Common IP Mistakes and How Our Clients Overcome Them

Last updated: December 1, 2023 | Author: Dr. Samantha Coleman

Weight Loss MistakesThere is so much conflicting information out there about the best ways to lose weight.

Our clients choose us because they know we are dedicated to real lifestyle change – we don’t do yoyo dieting.

We aren’t interested in the latest fads.

We’re here to change our clients’ relationships with food and live our healthiest lives.

All that being said, the journey is not always easy!

Sometimes clients are met with obstacles along the path to healthy living.

Obstacles and mistakes are a totally normal part of the experience here. We’re all human.

The goal of this article is to help identify some of our most commonly observed pitfalls and give you advice on how to avoid them before they strike!

Mistake 1: Skipping Supplements

When in phase 1 of the protocol, you’ll be removing lots of foods that your body has been accustomed to consuming regularly.

While these foods may not have been necessarily good for you, you will still be temporarily lacking some important vitamins and minerals as you begin the program and make your way into ketosis.

In order to ensure that new foods are digested properly and that your body is still getting all essential nutrients, supplements are a must.

Some clients who skip their supplements find it difficult to lose weight at the anticipated rate, may struggle with bloating or other digestive concerns, and may also experience fatigue or other difficult side effects.

Set your supplements aside in a convenient place so that they become an easy part of your daily routine.

You can even pack your supplements in a pill container with your lunch and snacks for the day to ensure easy access with each meal!

Mistake 2: Not Eating All the Veggies

This is not a deprivation diet! While some side effects are common early in the protocol, you shouldn’t regularly feel like you’re starving yourself at any point.

Vegetables are the key to avoiding this! Stock up on the unlimited items and keep them on-hand.

Get creative, try some new things, meal prep and plan as much as possible, and ask your coach for recipes and recommendations if you feel like you’re struggling to eat the appropriate amount of veggies each day.

Mistake 3: Obsessing Over Going Back to “Normal” Eating Habits

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried other diets and programs before you found your way to us.

If those programs had worked, you wouldn’t be here (believe us – we’re glad you ARE here!) and there’s a reason they didn’t work.

Weight loss is an unnatural process for our bodies. Evolutionarily, our systems are built to store fat and conserve calories (…which might also have something to do with why it’s hard to get out of bed early in the morning and get a workout in).

Losing weight is going against that biology, and our fast-food culture doesn’t help matters.

The hard truth is that, by the end of your time on the protocol, the goal is that you won’t want to go back to old eating habits.

Our program is different because we place such a heavy emphasis on a changing lifestyle and an improved relationship with food.

So – in short – this doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to pizza forever, but it does mean that indulgent choices should become far less common and your focus will shift to fueling for health and wellness… for life!

Mistake 4: Not Utilizing a Support System

Any major life change is difficult when you don’t have the support of your closest family and friends to motivate you.

Enlist the help of your team! Once they know and understand that your goal is a healthier life, they’ll rally behind you.

Additionally, don’t forget that our coaches are here for you!

Occasionally clients will come to their weekly meetings and share that they’ve had a terrible week, or were tempted to deviate from the protocol at a work event, or struggled with “keto flu”.

You aren’t bothering us if you’re texting or calling outside of your scheduled appointments.

Our job is to support you through this journey and we WANT to be your partner in health!

Get in touch if you need a little extra boost mid-week or have questions about your experience.

Mistake 5: Relying Solely on Motivation to Meet Your Health Goals

Motivation is fleeting. Some days you’re brimming with it, and other days you may find yourself struggling to fill out your food journal or leaning into old, unhealthy habits.

If you rely solely on motivation to get you through this journey, consistency will always be a struggle.

Instead, focus on the formation of healthy habits and routines.

Meal prep and planning are key along with consistent schedules.

If you’re burned out from a hectic schedule every week by the time Thursday rolls around, make sure your meals and snacks are prepped and ready to go before you reach that point each week to ensure you’ve set yourself up for success.

There is lots of information out there about how to start and maintain healthy habits.

Mistake 6: Skipping The Food Journal

Food journaling is essential to your success on this journey for two primary reasons.

First, it acts as another layer of accountability throughout the process.

If you’re tempted to indulge with some birthday cake while on phase 1, but you know that you’ll have to write it in your journal, you’re less likely to make that choice in the moment!

Food journaling helps to mentally reinforce the concept that food is essential fuel that gives your body energy.

Get into the habit of regularly filling out your food journal and get real with the choices you make on a daily basis.

Maintaining food records is an evidence-based strategy, not only for weight loss, but also for long term success.

If carrying around your food journal and writing in it after every meal is just a struggle for you, other options are to keep quick notes in your phone or take pictures of your food during the day so that you can fill out your journal accurately later on!

Secondly, it gives your coach some insight into your week when you meet and allows her a chance to troubleshoot if you find yourself struggling.

Maybe your weight loss has plateaued, in which case your coach can analyze your food selections for the past several days or weeks and make suggestions to fine-tune things to get you back on track.

Check out this article for more tips on food journaling.

Have you found yourself struggling with any of these roadblocks throughout your journey?

As always, our coaching team is here to assist you! Our goal is your success, so let us know how we can best support you.

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