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Last Updated on September 18, 2023 by Dr. Samantha Coleman

Your Posture and Your Health

woman holding phone slouching
With our modern lifestyles, the majority of us spend a lot of time sitting.

From our school age years to transitioning to working at an office, there tends to be a lot of time spent slouching over homework and computers.

This epidemic of being sedentary is leading to major repercussions on our health, with one of those major issues being our posture.

The way we hold ourselves from day to day plays a big role in our overall health.

What exactly is good posture?

The way we hold and position ourselves with daily activities, both static and dynamic, is known as posture. This includes activities like sitting, standing, wakling, running, and more.

We often sink into poor posture as we get fatigued over the day- until it becomes a bad habit that we stay in chronically.

While we are all somewhat unique, there are some common traits that define good posture, these include:

  • For maximal impact absorption with daily activities, the spine creates an “S” curve
  • The head is stabilized directly over the top of the shoulder and not angled forward
  • No forward slouching of the shoulders- instead they are in line with the spine
  • At rest, there is no evidence of rotation within the spine
  • Your line of vision is parallel with the floor secondary to optimal chin position (slightly tucked)
  • The hips, knees, and ankles are in a relatively straight line from the hips to the floor (perpendicular to the floor)

What does poor posture do to your health?

When you spend most of your day in poor posture, it can have a big affect on your spine alignment and body function.

Spine misalignment is often the root cause to many of the common issues (and suffering) we encounter as a society, such as pain, injury, and poor general health.

Other often overlooked issues that may be secondary to your spine misalignment include brain fog, mood swings, and low energy.

Poor spine alignment affects the integrity of neural tissues, making it difficult to effectively coordinate normal bodily function at any level.


With good spine alignment being essential for good health.

The best way to address any underlying problem is with the help of an expert certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

CBP practitioners provide comprehensive holistic spine care to build the best health possible from the ground up.

That means that you can expect a sustainable recovery and live a thriving life free of impairment.

CBP Care- The Posture Experts

Whether you think your posture is affecting your health or not, there is a pretty good chance it is.

Get in touch with a CBP provider to see what expert recommendations and treatment they can provide.

Dr. Samantha Coleman at ChiroSolutions Center, in Virginia Beach, VA should be your first thought when it comes to your health. Call her today.

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